Filipinos has their gang of superstitious viewpoints they have passed on off their forefathers

Some are witty anybody else come downright absurd or even infuriating

“100) Misfortune may come towards the dwellers of property whose last action of the stairways confronts a portion of the get off of one’s family. 101) Property toward dead-end path ought not to has actually doorways truly against the trail; if not, a renter of the property often perish from an accident. 102) When the tears are forgotten for the coffin of your lifeless, new heart of inactive person will never possess tranquility. 103) When there will be cats attacking locally, youngsters of 1 nearest and dearest will soon be also fighting both. 104) Whenever that visits borrow cash off a buddy and on the way in which a pet crosses his highway, she should not continue on with their purpose since pet is indicative that his pal doesn’t give your currency. 105) Talking when restaurants one thing was a work regarding rejecting God’s grace. 106) Individuals might be asked to get in our house simultaneously and you may perhaps not stop at the doorway otherwise the brand new pregnant woman into the our house gets some suffering. 107) The fresh-produced are considering ampalaya (bitter melon) juice through to the very first breast feeding adjust the fresh baby’s cravings and steer clear of his become choosey or finicky from the dinner when he develops. 108) The new baby’s bath is withheld towards the Fridays to quit his developing serious infection. 109) The brand new baby’s earliest complete trimmings will be buried beneath the stair to eliminate drops. 110) The fresh placenta is tucked around the kitchen to store each other mommy and child healthy. 111) Brand new cable stump can be carefully noticed and you may kept instantly when the they falls regarding, for in the event that an excellent mouse becomes your hands on it the infant would be sickly. 112) To be sure a shiny upcoming on youngster, mom locations coins, papers, pencils otherwise diamond groups regarding basin used for 1st shower. 113) Eczematous children are using black outfits to make the way of the situation shorter. 114) Epidermis eruptions was addressed with spit and you may chewed buyo makes used on your skin. 115) A house where a member of the household dies is burnt or quit to eliminate infection and you can death of additional household members. 116) Eight (7) is actually a fortunate matter as well as other odd quantity was fortunate). 117) The untimely beginning regarding a child is a proof sin. /