From the curators of coffee, craftwork, & community comes the coffee parlour you’ve been waiting for.

Great Coffee. Handmade Mugs. Real Food. Extremely Good Vibes.

Lever is more than a cup o’ joe. It’s high quality coffee that builds high quality character (and enriches the community from sustainable growers to local roasters to morning sippers). 

Lever is named for the hand-crafted manual lever espresso presses we use to craft our signature drinks. From the jump, we knew we wanted to do things a little differently. Our mission is simple – refine your coffee ritual with sustainable beans in a handcrafted mug (no paper or plastic here), and a side of good vibes. 

It’s your neighborhood coffee joint – elevated. Trust us, you’ve never had it so good.


If you couldn’t tell we like coffee… Kinda freakish about it… If the Shire had a coffee shop, we would be it – my precious? 


Someone’s dad or uncle or grandma or whoever, at some point said, “Do it right or don’t do it all.” Our craft is our intrigue and we brew it right every time. 


It takes a tribe to raise a child. It takes a community to fill a coffee shop. From behind the counter to the front of the counter we stay wired and connected to our community roots. We give back to those who need, empower our employees to aspire, challenge the status quo, collaborate with local artisan partners and remain transparent for all to see who are, how we work and when the next best thing is coming.