Our coffee is sourced from artisan partners who view coffee cultivation as a time-honored tradition.

We pay respect to the beans we collect by using hand-built Lever Press machines to brew our espresso or going slow with a thoughtful pour over for you to enjoy.

Lever Roaster Line-up

great coffee, real food,
handmade mugs

delicious, fresh pastries

We bake in-house pastries every morning. From perfectly flaky croissants to specialty turnovers, each baked good is sure to delight.


artisan partners

Your coffee shouldn’t be a throwaway experience.

We offer real, handmade cups by our artisan partner MaryMar Keenan. MaryMar Keenan

Florali is our favorite local flower shop designing local and seasonal bouquets of artistic proportion; you’ll feel like you’re living in perfect harmony with nature.

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extremely good vibes

Coffee shops are all about atmosphere. That’s why we strive to create an ambiance that goes beyond overstuffed armchairs and cozy lighting. It’s about building an inclusive community space where you can work, meet with friends, sip some good brews, and...


so grab a cup, stay for a while

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