Coffee. Craft. Community.

The coffee parlor you’ve been waiting for.
Opening early 2020

Good coffee matters the most.

Our coffee is sourced from artisan partners who view coffee cultivation as a time-honored tradition.

We pay respect to the beans we collect by using hand-built Lever Press machines to brew our espresso or going slow with a thoughtful pour over for you to enjoy.

Each cup honors the roots of craft and ethical sourcing.

We encourage education – ask us about our beans, brews, and baristas.

We use real drinkware…even to go.

Your coffee shouldn’t be a throwaway experience. We offer real, handmade cups in house and mason jars to go.

Even if your cup is a commuter cup, it’s a real cup.

In this way, we can be socially responsible and encourage quality experiences.

View the hand-crafted cups we have for sale and bring a bit of craft into your home.

MMClay is our artisan partner for in-house handcrafted clay cups. Artist MaryMar Keenan created a custom line for Lever Coffee, making each cup of beauty part of your drink.

We serve real food (and incredible pastries).

Even though it’s ready-made, our food is selected from the best local artisan purveyors, because you deserve a meal that nourishes and inspires.

Hands-down the best sandwich shop in the Bay Area, Morruccis, crafts sandwiches for our cases daily. Your grab and go food can be delicious and satisfying without the wait.

Semmifreddis, San Francisco’s family bakery, brings you fresh baked pastries as only the best can make them. From perfectly flaky croissants to specialty turnovers, each baked good is sure to delight.


Florali is our favorite local flower shop designing local and seasonal bouquets of artistic proportion. While looking at one of Darwin Harrison’s designs, you’ll feel like you’re living in perfect harmony with nature. 

We’re in your hood.

Lever is conveniently located in the neighborhood you call home. Our mission is to create a space where people from all walks of life can come to feel good.

1410 N Main St
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Extremely Good Vibes. 

Coffee shops are all about atmosphere. That’s why we strive to create an ambiance that goes beyond overstuffed armchairs and cozy lighting. It’s about building an inclusive community space where you can work, meet with friends, sip some good brews, and r-e-l-a-x. 

From our friendly baristas and in-house partners who set the tone to our bespoke surroundings and community ties, we aim to make Lever your home away from home. 

So grab a cup, stay for a while.